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Prof Esther Chan Wai Yin is a Professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine. Dr Chan is research lead for the Centre for Safe Medication Practice and Research.

Apart from her dedication to clinical research, Prof Chan also strives to achieve an enriching nexus between teaching and research, further advance medication safety, and through translating new knowledge into captivating educational materials, inspire students towards better clinical practice and ultimately, improve patient care.


Tutorial Team

Upholding our hall motto "Liberty with Responsibility, Unity in Diversity", we endeavour to provide HKU students with an excellent hall education though a multitude of activities.


R. C. Lee is not just a place of accommodation but a holistic platform for students to explore their potential. We see our hall as a place where different minds come together to learn and grow.


We respect hallmates' freedom and expect them to reciprocate with the responsibility this entails. We value diversity and strive for unity from within. 

To collect hallmates' opinion and monitor our committee.

To draft and execute policy, at the same time representing its members.

To act as the official audio and visual medium.

To regularly publish publication to stimulate hallmates' thinking.

R.C. Lee Hall

Alumni Association

RCAA connects past and present hallmates, bringing together shared memories of a united and harmonious RC Lee Hall experience.

Connect with us and share your memories, experiences, ideas and get the latest updates.

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