As university students, we are very fortunate to have countless learning opportunities. We are reminded of the virtue of giving and responsibility by exercising the knowledge we learnt and putting them into good use for the society. At R. C. Lee, one of the important avenue of hall education is to impart hallmates with a sense of social responsibilities. We have two main platforms in achieving so: the Current Affairs Subcommittee and the Social Service Subcommittee. Both of the subcommittees are committed to leverage hall as a place of open exchange and discussion of ideas, and thereby inspiring and empowering hallmates to take action to contribute to the society. 

From urban planning to sexuality to political reform, our Current Affairs subcommittee is very dedicated to drive hallmates awareness and discussion of various current issues from all fields. The subcommittee not only serves as a medium for updating hallmates with the latest important happenings in the society, but also as a stimulant to our thinking and advocate of issues we should be aware and care about. 


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Our social service subcommittee is also passionate about serving the community for the greater goods - starting from individual efforts. Over the year, the subcommittee will organize different activities to engage hallmates to give back to the society.


From helping hallmates to reduce waste and utilize resources, to giving care to our district neighbours, to assisting disaster relief in other countries, our social service subcommittee always seize opportunities to give love and care to the community at different levels. 

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